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Chocolate Covered Marzipan Bar

This marzipan originates from the Orient, where this almond-sugar delicacy was served at the sultan’s table to crown the meal. This sweet specialty reached Spain and Portugal, and was introduced to Europe via the trading center of Venice during the crusades. At the beginning of its history, marzipan was produced by pharmacists, and was reputed [...]

Classic Marzipan Shaped Like Fruit – 4 Assorted Pieces

This marzipan set is classic marzipan which originated in Europe. It is difficult to find marzipan in most US cities and are sometimes easier found around Christmas. I absolutely love this treat! If you have never tried it, it is a must tonight! Marzipan is a classic European sweet made from 2 ingredients – pure [...]

Marzipan Cat Tongues – Luxury Sweets f Europe with Chocolate

Marzipan is a wonderful treat made mostly of almond and sugar. Surprisingly enough it is sometimes challenging to find it in the United States. Normally marzipan is made to look like an animal or other creation, but in the marzipan set below it is covered with chocolate. It may be recommended if you are having [...]

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