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Marzipan Cat Tongues – Luxury Sweets f Europe with Chocolate

Marzipan is a wonderful treat made mostly of almond and sugar. Surprisingly enough it is sometimes challenging to find it in the United States. Normally marzipan is made to look like an animal or other creation, but in the marzipan set below it is covered with chocolate. It may be recommended if you are having it for the first time you try one of our other marzipan candies due to the chocolate addition. Otherwise the chocolate / marzipan mix is a great combo!

Cat Tongues are a classic childhood treat in Europe. Dark chocolate is shaped in a stretched out oval that resembles a cat’s tongue and filled with sweet marzipan. Made in Germany, this gift box will please both young and old lovers of chocolate. *Gift Box contains 10 cat tongues.

This box runs at $6.99, which is very reasonable for the quality.

(Click the picture to order or to see more details.)

Cat Tongues

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