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Classic Marzipan Shaped Like Fruit – 4 Assorted Pieces

This marzipan set is classic marzipan which originated in Europe. It is difficult to find marzipan in most US cities and are sometimes easier found around Christmas. I absolutely love this treat! If you have never tried it, it is a must tonight! :)

Marzipan is a classic European sweet made from 2 ingredients – pure sugar and the finest almonds. Some say marzipan originated in Italy several centuries ago during a major drought, when the only substantial crop to survive was the almond crop. People found all kinds of ways to prepare almonds; marzipan was created. Germans adopted this recipe and created the finest marzipan in Lubeck using the best Mediterranean almonds, sugar, and the precise roasting temperature. Our Belgian marzipan is made according to the original Lubecker method to create a sweet, pliable mixture shaped in the traditional shapes of apples and oranges. A perfect holiday treat.

This marzipan is the real deal and runs at $10.99.

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Assorted Marzipan Fruit - 4 Piece

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