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FRESH Baked Cookies Shipped to Your Door!

FRESH Baked Cookies 1 lb. Tin: Assorted Flavors.

Ok it will not happen tonight, maybe not even today, but tomorrow you can have 1 pound of David’s freshly baked cookies on your door step. I know it sounds strange to ship cookies to your house, and I am sure your mom would not approve. BUT this is 2009 my sweet friends and you and I both know it is time for change!

Give theses delicious variety pack of scrumptious FRESH cookies a try.

Let us know how the cookies taste tomorrow or let us know what you think about delivered cookies. If you would like to be featured as a ‘freshly baked shipped to your door guinnie human’ please let us know and we will feature you in an article!

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One Response to “FRESH Baked Cookies Shipped to Your Door!”

  1. Hollymark Says:

    Those look yummy! Who wouldn’t want free cookies?! ;) Pick me! hehe.

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